Regenerative Design with Rico Zook

We are happy to invite you to partecipate in the PDC with Rico Zook, 13 to 25 april 2023 near Turin, Italy.

This content provides a great introduction to permaculture and the components for creating regenerative systems, be they physical, cultural, social, or economic, anywhere on this planet, using a design approach based on Bill Mollison’s and David Holmgren’s Permaculture Design Manual.
After completion of this course, you’ll have the understanding to continue along the path of learning and growing in your knowledge, as well as the ability to create a resilient lifestyle for yourself and others. Along with this knowledge, you will receive the Permaculture Design Certificate.

Rico Zook: Permaculture designer, consultant and instructor. Founder of iPermaculture (
Over the past 27 years he has been working as designer, consultant and educator with farmers, villagers, individuals and local organizations in India, Southeast Asia, Spain, United States, Middle East and other places in the world. Currently much of his work consists of assisting and mentoring advanced students who now work in permaculture and evolve as instructors.

The course will take place in Cumiana, a town near Turin, in the northern Italian Alps. It will be hosted by the people of Case Rondò, a renovated farmstead situated on the margin between city and the rural area, where the plain and the mountains meet.

Food is key to have healthy and happy people and comunities.
We partnered with Trafficanti di Pasta to have good quality food to keep your body and mind active. Their method is to work with whole, local ingredients, and fermentations.

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For sleeping and accommodation we offer two solutions:

1 – in a shared room with shared bathroom and toilet in the venue’s main structure, for 46€ per day !! 2 – in your own tent, to place in dedicated terraces on the property, for 42€ per day. You will have shared toilets here as well.

All the fees include lessons, material for projects and food (3 meals, and snacks during the breaks). We ask you to let us know whether you suffer from allergy or disability that we should be aware of, in order to make the best decision for you comfort during the course.

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Rigenera APS
Vide Terra
Trafficanti di Pasta

It will take place in Cumiana, very close to Turin, near the Alps. Most of the lessons will be taught by Rico Zook, regenerative designer with over 30 years of experience in teaching and collaborating in projects all over the world. Because permaculture includes a wide variety of topics, disciplines and techniques, this course is an overview about all the different aspects of it. You will also get the possibility to put into practice what you learn during hands-on projects. We hold lessons every day, in the morning and afternoon.

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