Regenerative Permaculture

Regenerative Permaculture is the interactive product of associations (ALEXs Aps, CONMOI Aps, Rigenera Aps and the projects Trafficanti di Pasta and Vide Terra).

It aims to concretely organize training experiences and promote new circumstances. The path with Rico Zook conveys new collaborations and developments. The starting points of the associative are peculiar. Some features and projects in place follow.

Mr.Zook has formed people and working groups in various environmental, political and
climate contexts around the world. Here some references:

cascadia permaculture

Ananas Permaculture (Bangalore – INDIA -)

HEAVEN ON EARTH – documentary video illustrating, how to use the “permaculture tool” to restore places, conciliating with millennial cultures, not fossils. The awareness of being symbiotic with life activates virtuous processes and spiritual abilities (evolutionary with respect to the initial conditions from which we start. (Darjeering – INDIA -)

Intervista descrittiva

Rigenera Aps: “Agriculture occupies more than 50% of the Italian territory. To produce food, however, we have developed a linear production system that does not respect the natural cycles of life, creating an entropic system that every year disperses energy and is leading us to collapse. Regenerative agriculture proposes a reversal of this trend by stimulating an energy storage mechanism that tends to syntropy.”

CONMOI APS: integrates migratory backgrounds with meta-cultural designs. Experiments and co-projects educational paths and live pedagogies. He worked with schools in laboratory settings, managed nomadic summer camps. He developed artistic processes as a response to housing and social vulnerabilities. It has cooperated at various levels under Regulation 391 Commons.

ALEx Aps: brings expertise in environmental citizenship and previous experience in the organization of gas and ethical supply chains. It has the ability to coordinate bottom up processes.

Trafficanti di Pasta: experiments circularity on short chains, with a focus on evolutionary grains. Social innovation linked to the autonomy of food production, fermentation practices and care of the territories.

ReSOILence (public park in the town of Cirié) Rigenera APS, as part of a regional project of the European Commission (Mindchangers) has planted an agroforestry ecosystem with a focus on lime trees and various essences to support the development of the forest and the varieties of ancient fruits. -> Partners: Dalla Stessa Parte-Cooperative Social, Adapta Group, ATA-Associazione Tutela Ambiente, Coldiretti Prov. TO, Rigenera Aps, Gabriel Menezes.

Agroforest pollinators, agroforestry planting of 3000 plants on a hectare, in the municipality of Fiano (west of the regional park La Mandria, Turin). –> Collaborations: SOULFOOD FORESTFARMS, Rigenera Aps, Autostrada delle api,